FromThe Floor of Samsung Forum 2013

On Wednesday 27 February 2013, Samsung  was held Samsung Forum best price viagra 2013 in Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia. This was big event from Samsung, because Samsung representatives from around the world will gather and inform about the company’s latest innovations and inventions. Furthermore, this was annual exhibition to displays Samsung’s latest technology. For blogger communities, Samsung organized live blogging competition and gave opportunity to won the gadget (wow).

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Fortunately, I got invitation from Samsung Forum team to came and saw directly of Samsung Forum 2013. So that I was so happy and appreciated it about this, cause the exclusive event was not open for public, only several well-known bloggers.  Many thanks to Mak Injul for giving me opportunity to join on this event.

I came early to Hotel Mulia, and I couldn’t find my friends. I asked to bell boy, where the Samsung Forum to be held. The bell boy told me Samsung forum used three floors of hotel Mulia to its event. Wow, its big even.  So I got around lonely and pretended that I knew the event exactly is. I saw and followed other people to entered a  dining room.  Then gosh I got a wrong room! There were so  many foreigner around the world. It turns out, they were executive guest of Samsung. How shame I was.  I got out to that room quickly, fortunately no people knew about me.

Still jet lag after awkward moment, finally I got the exhibition. So I registered in information and then join to Samsung exhibition. There were so many modern gadget with new innovation and high technology.  Starts from washing machine with eco buble, Modern Smart TV, Slimming notebook and tablet,  fashionable poncel, and theinnovative refrigator cause it can connect with twitter. Those gadget made me desire to bough it  :D.

After exhibition, the blog competition started. People serious about that. All  get compete to win the latest technology. For the spoiler the first winner get the ultrabook, the second get the camera, and the third get the Samsung galaxy S.

After that we met Dian Sastro to shore about living experience with Samsung. I  was so appreciate when she shook my hand.


Finally, those event closed after we dinner at Puang Oca Restaurant. They announced of the blog winner competition too at that place. Unfortunately I  got failed to that competition, but two of my friends from KEB won (wow!).  So proud for them. Then, I went home with full of satisfaction.



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